Digital Artist and Digital Organisation Queen

I have the skills and experience to help my clients organise their life. I bring my clients’ visions to life through digital organisation, so they can create a life of their dreams.. Since 2014, I’ve been using my own design services to help me and now I want to give those same skills to others, that set them apart from the competition.

I can provide digital planners and guidance throughout the whole process of digital organisation, from the initial concept to the final result, and make sure my clients are true partners in the experience.

Sarah Duck

I am the site owner and I design digital art, digital planners and more for you to use.  I have always been into technology, from the first computer we had at home with Windows 95 on it, until now, I taught myself everything I know.  

I’ve built computers, websites, and got myself out of any issues I ever had with it all.  It was only a natural step that when the internet started to become widely used I would utilise it too and learn and study it so I knew what I was doing and how to fit issues.

I”ve successfully fixed all my families computer issues and my website issues too and yes there have been a few WordPress fails along the way, yet I solved them all.

Now since 2014 I’ve been creating websites, graphics and digital art for my websites and blogs I’ve had over the years.  Since 2015 I was creating graphics for my business and learning how to organised my life, my families lives and my business so that I could successfully balance them all.  All whilst doing this I built myself up and learned about myself.  If you want to take a look at my Spiritual Owls website to learn more about that and my business you can do so.

Now in 2019 I decided its time I stopped keeping these skills to myself and started to share my work with others.

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