Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the Design Process?

The process depends on what I’m designing.  Digital Art, I use an iPad app called Procreate.  Digital planners, I use a mixture of Procreate, Keynotes, and ZoomNotes.  

The process for planners usually consists of creating the planner in Keynotes, Adding design images from Procreate and then creating forms, calendars, etc in ZoonNotes before changing them to PDF and uploading them for sale.

What do I need to open the files ?

You can open your digital art in any program or app that opens PNG files, such as Canva, etc.

Digital Planners and journals can be imported on PDF annotation apps such as Metamoji, Notability, GoodNotes and ZoomNotes.

How do I get the digital downloads?

All products are available by digital download on my website using a secure website that is free from any viruses or malware.  You can pay via credit/debit card or PayPal and your item will be instantly downloadable.

How Long Does it Take?

Some projects take several hours and some take several days to a week to create, it depends on how intensive the project is.

If it’s a custom made planner, it may take a little longer to get it right for you.

Can I edit the files ?

Digital Art can be used in creating your own text overlays and more.

Some digital planners and journals are blank or dot grid pages making it easy for you to add your own content as you wish in the various different apps. available.

What makes you different from other designers?

I create practical usable designs and planners with inspiration from angels and spirit.  I also infuse all digital work with Reiki energy.  My designs are all created by Sarah Duck or my team and I personally infuse all designs with Reiki myself before uploading them.

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