Why Digital Organisation

Digital and technology stuff as always been a huge passion of mine. I love technology and I’ve always wanted to be able to draw, paint or something else. My issue with drawing and painting and all that is the mess. I don’t like to get dirty or to make a mes or mess up my hands, lol. It’s just one of my things I suppose, not liking being dirty. Art, creativity, seems like a messy process to me. Digital art and creativity isn’t and it combines my love of technology too, win win right?

Digital design just seemed like the logical step to getting my creative side out whilst helping others and using technology as well. This is why I started sharing my digital designs,

because I’d already been creating my own for years, so why not.

Digital design just fills my heart, it relaxes me as I create the things and I know it will help other people too. So this is my first post just introducing why I started digital design and I hope you enjoy my work on Etsy.

Sarah xx

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